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As a dui lawyer for over twenty five years, I am well aware of the need for immediate legal protection if charged with a dui in Johnson County or Anywhere in Indiana. I know, because as a former prosecutor in Johnson County, I not only understand how the prosecutor’s office operates but I also have a critical working knowledge of the courts, prosecutors and judges who will be assigned to oversee your case.

Over 25 Years Of Results

Most people, including lawyers, do not have experience in defending owi cases, much less criminal cases in Johnson county. As a result, I find that most people’s initial concerns can be quickly comforted simply by calling me for free at anytime to help educate you as to the criminal process. By doing this, we can help ease your mind in providing a road map as to what direction to turn to make sure that you or a loved one is taking the proper steps toward your legal protection.

Unfortunately, one must recognize that when charged with a criminal offense either in Johnson county or anywhere in the state, a prosecutor’s job is to punish. It is not the obligation of a prosecutor to look out for your best interests or to aid you in your legal defense. In fact, failure to understand this quickly can result in unnecessary hardship and punishment and can result in the loss of legal protections otherwise available to you. Only the pro active involvement of an experienced defense attorney that knows the local criminal court rules can provide the necessary legal protection for someone targeted for prosecution. I know the deadlines to preserve your rights within a court of law, and most importantly how to get results.

Proud To Help Good People

Upon leaving the Johnson County Prosecutor’s office, I have been protecting good people facing criminal punishment in Johnson County and throughout Indiana for over twenty five years.

I understand the fright people have if arrested or called for questioning before the police. I know the concerns of families eager to preserve the futures of their children, and spouses fearful of what punishment could await their husband or wife.

Call Me For Free

An important obligation I feel as an attorney is to be available to assist good people who are facing dui charges at no cost. Please feel free to call me at any time should you have any questions at all in regard to your case and my legal defense services. There are no questions off limits when it comes to dui defense. In fact, many lawyers request the same insight from me that clients do.

While the most specific answers as to how to defend your case can only be provided by the attorney retained to represent you, I will do my best to provide important general guidance as to what steps to be taking right away to put you or one you care for in the best legal position possible.


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