Understanding Your Court

In the real world a key element as to successful dui defense involves an understanding of not only the facts of a given prosecution, but also the individuals who will play a part in a case resolution.

When defending a criminal case no matter whether it may be a dui prosecution or other criminal matter, it would be naive to think that a determination of justice will be the same no matter what court, judge or potential jury is to hear a case.

As a result it is critical for a lawyer practicing in Johnson County to not only have a sense for the community values and policy stances of the general public who could potentially be called as a juror, but even more importantly, a defense lawyer must have the experience and understanding to know how to proceed before a given judge either in Franklin or Greenwood.

From my perspective as a defense lawyer for more than twenty years, justice is not blind. Despite the famous statute of the lady liberty type figurine with a blindfold over the eyes, it would be foolish to believe that a judge who could play a part in either determining a suitable punishment or deciding on guilt or innocence does not come into a case proceeding with certain beliefs and life experiences with which to help guide his or her judgement.

I believe that the citizens of Johnson County are fortunate in that the majority of jurists seated to hear criminal cases are not only fair, but have also attained a sufficient amount of legal experience to properly decide legal issues put before them.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, recent years have allowed political elections to seat judges who have not been the most capable. The allowance for political elections in Indiana to seat judges has enabled those with the most money and/or resources to become the final say as to guilt or innocence in far too many cases in need of a jurist with suitable real world legal experience.

With this reality in mind, an effective defense attorney cannot simply throw up one’s hands in surrender as to the potential inexperience or lack of wisdom of a judge empaneled to oversee a client’s prosecution.

Rather, the best of defense lawyers must have the experience and temperment with which to navigate a client’s defense effectively no matter the judge before them.

I have had the good fortunate of not only working beside judges presently seated within the courtrooms of Greenwood and Franklin in my capacity as a former dui prosecutor, but I have also had years of experience practicing before all of the judges of Johnson County that may potentially be assigned a client’s given dui prosecution.

As stated earlier, this legal experience has proven to be invaluable to me in the successful resolution of dui cases put before each respective judge who may be potentially assigned to a specific case prosecution.

When consulting with a prospective defense lawyer with with whom you may be considering retaining, I urge you to discuss the lawyer’s specific experience before the specific judge assigned to your case.

More importantly, question your potential lawyer as to the legal strategies best suited for success before the assigned judge that will oversee your dui prosecution or that of one you care for. Only then can you secure the needed confidence necessary to move ahead with the assurance that your legal defense is in the right hands.

I believe that at the present time, as in years past, the majority of judges in Johnson County are capable and well suited to fairly decide on evidentiary matters put before them for legal consideration.

With that in mind, it would be foolhardy to think that despite their desire for impartiality, it is not important to have a fundamental understanding of the track record and biases of the Johnson County jurist we will appear before.

Call me at any time and allow me to share what insight I can offer as to the any and all judges within Johnson County. Such a discussion can prove to be invaluable in securing a case resolution that enables you or someone important to you to safeguard a bright future.