Never Pay When Calling For A Lawyer’s Guidance

It has come to my attention that in recent weeks more attorneys than ever have apparently been requesting payment from those who have called for their help.

Although not limited to dui or criminal defense cases, this legal trend is disturbing and sends exactly the wrong message to the public as to the true motivations of far too many lawyers practicing within the area.

No matter what area of need one must contend with at a certain time of one’s life, it is no doubt comforting to know that their is a trusted professional to turn to whose foremost priority is not determining how much money can be solicited from you in return for their assistance.

In almost all of the cases where I have been notified of such practices to seek payment for an initial telephone discussion, the lawyer in question has not been devoted to one legal specialty of law.

This is important because many people have the reasonable though misguided belief that if they pay money for an initial consultation that they will somehow receive more wise and thorough legal advice to address their legal issue.

In reality, those attorneys who demand payment for their counsel either through a phone call or initial meeting are more often than not of the general practice variety. The advice relayed for payment from such lawyers is often subpar and a purposefully lengthy waste of time in an effort to prolong the billing clock.

Further, for such attorneys more time spent in their office serves as a tactic in which to bind you to the services of that particular legal practice or law firm. After the needless investment of time and effort to schedule a appointment to actually meet with such a lawyer, any reasonable person who needs legal defense services may assume that all lawyers engage in such practices. As a result, people needing legal help will not look elsewhere for fear of repeating this frustrating waste of time and money.

By making a visit time consuming and inconvenient such lawyers not only allow their fees to mount, but more importantly discourage such folks from seeking the advice of other more qualified and ethical counsel who I can assure you will never make you pay money for asking questions.

The lesson to be learned is that not all lawyers will bill you for seeking their legal help. You should always feel free to call an experienced lawyer without fear that your call will prompt an unreasonable demand for payment in your mailbox.

I take great pride in doing whatever I can, whenever I can, to help people in their time of need with their legal questions in the area of Johnson County DUI and Criminal Defense at no cost to them.

In fact, unlike the practices of other lawyers I have touched upon, I have found that a good majority of people would actually prefer to have their questions answered by an informative free phone call as opposed to a time consuming office meeting during the work week.

Please know that paying for the initial advice of a dui defense attorney is not only unnecessary but a great indication that you are dealing with precisely the wrong attorney to meet your legal defense needs within Johnson County.

In this part of the state and I would assert anywhere in the country, the most qualified defense attorneys take pride in offering initial cost free discussions to good people confused as to the next step to take in their legal protection following an arrest. Do not allow an unethical attorney to take advantage of this confusion in demanding payment for advice that will usually be poor.

it is my sincere hope that with this brief amount of insight you can now turn such an unpleasant experience with an attorney into a positive by recognizing that you have the wrong attorney. At such time you will be able to select a more ethical attorney of your choosing at an early enough stage of your case to prevent more longer lasting legal damage to be done.

If you need any further detail as to what I have spoken about in this posting or have any questions following an owi arrest in Johnson County I am always here and always available at no cost to respond to your questions.